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BHBC is a church filled with life! We are church for families. Whatever your ethnicity, your background, your life experiences, you have a family here at BHBC that is full of life. Jesus says, "I have come to give you life, life abundantly." 

BHBC is filled with purpose! We are about growing people, growing families, growing leaders who impact the community and world and make it a better place.

BHBC is filled with the love of God. We are committed to knowing and receiving God's love and showing our love back to Him and to our neighbor.

BHBC is full of God's vision. A vision to lead people to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel that leads to transformational living. As we follow God's vision we are in the process of:

  • Remodeling the church facilities
  • Renaming the Church
  • Rewriting the constitution and bylaws
  • Being a church led by our elders
  • Relaunching as a new church

As we move forward as a church we all about expanding the Kingdom of God. We will be a church with Gateway Ministries. Just as there were many gates for people to enter to worship and serve God at the temple, we will reach out to the needs of the community and world with Gateway ministries that will help people to experience the love, the mercy, and the grace of God.

In the future we will have:

  • Gateway Academy - a school to train leaders
  • Gateway to Hope - a ministry to the homeless, widows, and orphans
  • Gateway to Peace - a ministry to help people overcome the things that hinder them
  • Gateway to Purpose - a ministry to Pastors and Churches to embrace God's vision

God is building His family and His Church. Come experience LIFE!



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